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Jimmy Chandler

Jimmy Chandler

I was informed by Jeff Bradley that one of our classmates passed away recently.  Here is a copy of the email that I received from Jeff.


My longtime friend Jimmy Chandler died on December 26th 2014. Good old cancer. He was my good friend since Garner Middle School. His parents both died in the last few years. His sisters are still in the San Antonio/New Braunfels area. He had two sons and was living in the Portland area in the Northwest.


I have since heard from Twyla Chandler McNeely,  His sister, and this is what she wrote to me.

Deceased Classmate: James Lindsey Chandler
Date Of Birth: Aug-9-1953
Date Deceased: Dec-26-2014
Age at Death: 61
Cause of Death: Long illness Cancer
Classmate City: Vancouver
Classmate State: WA
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: No 
Survived By: Debbie Chandler Watson, sister, MAC Class of 1968 Twyla Chandler McNeely, sister, MAC Class of 1967

My brother, Jimmy, married Debbie, and they have two sons, Justin and Thomas. He met Debbie in Alaska where they both worked on the Alaska Pipeline. They were married at Fern Grotto, on the Island, Maui, Hawaii. Jimmy and his family loved the outdoors and took many camping trips when they lived in Palmer, Alaska. They moved to Seattle, WA and lived there many years. Due to all his health issues, he had to Retire when he was 55. The family moved to Vancouver, WA. They had many wonderful friends which supported them and loved them. Debbie and myself visited Jimmy for Thanksgiving, 2013 and met Debbie's family! A wonderful trip. Jimmy was on Chemo and Radiation for his cancer, never complained, he was a fighter! Our last visit was for Christmas, 2014. Christmas Day was wonderful! He had a great day with his two sisters, wife Debbie, and son Thomas. The next day he went downhill very fast. The Hospice nurse was with him in the morning and his family was with him at his home when he drifted off to sleep. God Bless Him! I whispered to him, go see Mom and Dad, and Heaven Is For Real! HALLELUJAH! Twyla Chandler McNeely 

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12/30/14 08:57 AM #1    

Judi Debner

Jimmy Chandler, known as Slim to some.  What a guy.  We had some rip-roarin' times in Hollywood Park, Port A, David Cantu's house and many more best not to mention.  He & Bradley were like Frick & Frack.  What one didn't think of the other one would.  Although I hadn't seen/talked to him in years just the thought of him brings a smile to my face.  Yep, that kinda guy.  RIP, Jimbo...Judi Debner


12/30/14 03:07 PM #2    

Gidget Collins (Hancock)

So Sorry to hear about Jimmy. We went to school together at Garner Jr High. Then I believe he moved to Alaska after High School, but never got to see him while we lived there. My Prayers are with the Family and Friends.

12/31/14 09:27 AM #3    

Bobbie Criswell (Candas)

Jimmy Chandler, a wide smile, seemingly upbeat, very cute, always on the prowl with Jeff B., I first encountered him in the halls of Garner Junior High and last saw him at a party at someone's apartment in Austin, a few years after high school graduation.  Always fun to be around...although it's been years, I miss him.  I'm so sorry to hear of Jimmy's passing. It's way too early.  --Bobbie Criswell Candas

12/31/14 01:00 PM #4    

Bill Liese

New jimmy from Garner Jr. High, Mac Author High. Great guy to be around, smart to, he will be missed. God bless him .

12/31/14 02:02 PM #5    

Debbi Self (Norris)

I barely remember Jimmy from Garner, as I get older I am finding that is happening alot. Anyways, I would like to offer my deepest sympathy to his family. A loss is sad enough but during the holidays it seems to magnify. We are losing so many to this dreadful disease and it is a rude awakening that we all have to face as I don't think I know one person who has not lost at least one person to the big C. Anyways prayers are going out to his family for strength and peace during this time.

Debbi Self Norris

01/03/15 11:42 AM #6    

Jeffrey Bradley

Jimmy and I met when he moved down the street from me in Hollywood Park. We were in Middle School. His Grandfather always called us the Gold Dust Twins because we were always hanging around together. I managed to get a steady girlfriend somehow when I was a Junior in High School and my focus went more to that.  Out of High School we went to Texas A&I in Kingsville.  The two of us together was a disaster as far as College went.  We had a lot of fun though. Jimmy moved to Irving TX and I moved back home and went to SAC for a while.  I decided to head up to Irving to live with Jimmy in his apartment.  Irving was a drag and I talked Jimmy in to moving to Austin.  The 70's in Austin was a lot of fun.  Jimmy and I drove up to Alaska in November in the late 70's to work on the pipeline.  I stayed up there for about six months and came home to my girlfriend (now my wife). I was also offered a job in Austin in the food industry.  Jimmy stayed up in Alaska, met a gal he married, and he had two sons. Life for Jimmy and I went in different directions and we were separated by a lot of geography.  We basically stayed in contact once a year when we would call one another on our birthdays. We both went to the Rose Bowl game together in 2005, Texas vs. Michigan.  Jimmys parents who lived in Hollywood Park passed away over the last few years and I he came down for funerals. Jimmy had been having issues healthwise over the years.  He always had Asthma real bad, but continued to smoke cigarettes, which probably lead to the COPD. When he received word of the cancer he made a go of it to fight to live. He never really complained and really only wanted to talk about positive things.  We made an effort to make contact with each other a lot more often during the last few years.  Jimmy and I shared a bond together.  We had a lot of great times together and I will miss him.  He was like a brother I never had to me.  I feel like a part of me died when he passed away.  He was a great guy and I loved him.

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