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Bobby Keepers

Bobby Keepers

This info was provided to me by Pam Leeper Swint.

Earlier this year I saw in a newspaper obituary that Bobby Keepers passed away.  While attending MacArthur, Bobby lived up the street from me in Hollywood Park.


I found the information below on the internet:

Robert Louis Keepers, 57, of Lakehills, passed away on August 21, 2010, at his residence. He was born in San Antonio to Frederick T. and Ella Rozelle (Johnson) Keepers on October 10, 1952. He was married to Deborah Renae Glover on March 10, 1984 in Corpus Christi. He graduated from MacArthur High School in San Antonio. He loved to hunt and fish, loved to watch college football and spent every weekend at the lake. He is preceded in death by parents, Frederick and Ella Keepers; brother, Mark Hudson Keepers. He is survived by wife, Deborah Keepers of Lakehills; daughter, Kourtney Rozelle Keepers of San Antonio; son, Bert Keepers of San Antonio; brother, Fred Keepers and wife, Susie of Lakehills; nephews, Rusty Keepers and Randy Keepers; niece, Lisa Keepers and numerous other nieces and nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins.


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01/11/11 04:27 PM #1    

Robert Cuddy

I always remember what the coaches made the football team do to Bobby as a freshman.  As I remember it, one of the coaches caught him smoking at one of the varsity football games.  The coaches set up a drill just for Bobby to teach him a lesson.  Well, he got pretty banged up from that, and shortly after that quit the team.  I didn't blame him one bit, and I have always felt bad for what the coaches made us do to him, even to this day! 


01/12/11 08:48 AM #2    

John Snider

I knew Bobby from the third grade and was close friends with him through our freshman year. I sort of lost track of him after that. I, too, remember the "bull in the ring" drill the coaches put him through.  I believe Bobby suffered a few broken ribs from that.  I don't remember participating in that. I am happy for that. One day in elementary Bobby ripped my shirt while playing soccer.  He immediately began pretending to beg for his life.  That was the beginning of our friendship.  He was a clown!

01/24/11 10:35 PM #3    

Debbi Self (Norris)

So sad to hear of his passing.  I too remember him as a clown from middle school on and when he was dating Hendi McCormick. May he rest in peace.

01/28/11 02:47 PM #4    

James Crowley

 I also remember when the football coaches made Bobby Keepers the tackle dummy. It was one of the reasons I quite football.  Does anyone know the story of what happened to the head coach (McManus?)?


07/25/11 01:31 PM #5    

Bob McCormick

Yea Bobby was a great guy and it seems like we all had great memories of him. I remember he and Donny Flowers were friends and once he quit we kinda lost touch.  

As far as Vernon McManus I heard he got aquitted? and is living in Bay City with his mom(last I heard). I cant believe I had to deal with him from a freshman to a Junior. He difinately had a screw loose. What ironic is he smoked too so what an example he was!

09/11/11 02:04 PM #6    

Phyllis Trcka

bobby was a great guy and loads of fun. god bless him. these football stories sound horrible!! wasn't it upperclassman tim alexander who delivered a well aimed fist to mcmanus one afternoon!??

12/30/11 10:52 AM #7    

Mike Powell

One night in the mid to late 70's, myself and Craig Whorton went down to the Riverwalk and we ran in to Bobby. I can honestly say that I can't remember laughing more than we did that night listening to him talk about whatever it was we were talking about. One of those where you almost have to tell them to "shut up man, you're killing me". We had a great time that night with the b.s. flowing. I didn't really know him, but judging by that one encounter, I would say he had a care-free outlook on life, which is a blessing. RIP.

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