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Brian Hastings

Brian Hastings

We have discovered that Brian Passed away from a motorcycle accident yesterday, June 12th, 2018.  Not much information is available right now, but all of our thoughts are with his family, and friends.  He will be missed.

From Carol Hastings Whitaker:

A Celebration of Life for Brian J. Hastings will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 23, at Northeast Bible Church, 19185 FM 2252, in Garden Ridge. He passed away unexpectedly and tragically in Austin on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, while doing what he loved -- riding his cherished Harley-Davidson motorcycle. 
He was preceded in death by his son, Adam Hastings, his brother, Craig Hastings, his mother, R. Frances Hastings, and his companion of 20 years, Gladys Lastovica. Survivors include his father, George Hastings, his brothers Allan Hastings (Valerie), Keith Hastings (Jo Ann), and Roger Hastings (Lisa), his sister, Carol Whitaker, his grandchildren, Bradley and Brooke Hastings, and numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Brian was a 1971 graduate of MacArthur High School and attended San Antonio College. He retired in 2012 after 35 years of service with Southwestern Bell/SBC/AT&T, where he was an OSP Manager in Engineering and Design. He also served as a reserve deputy for the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, and former sergeant in the Support Division, and once worked as a District Manager for the San Antonio Light newspaper.

He leaves behind a multitude of former colleagues, who remember him for taking pride in his work and always going the extra mile to solve a problem that others might have passed on to someone else.

His many friends and acquaintances loved and respected him for the way he cared deeply for others, especially in times of hardship or loss, and for the fact that he made sure people remained connected. He was outgoing and social: friends were looking forward to seeing him at a MacArthur reunion held within days of his death.

He loved many things, not necessarily in this order: Music, movies, military history, animals, funny sayings, jokes, the San Antonio Spurs and Houston Astros, and the feel of the open road. Perhaps more than those, he loved the Frio River, and the family memories made there.

His large and loving family remember him as a very good man and a gentle soul whose kindness and humility were his enduring traits. He never wavered in his values or in his faith, even in times of trouble. He carried his Bible in his car, with a clipping tucked inside that brought comfort: You say, “I can’t figure it out;” God says “I will direct your steps.”

He was loved by many and will be missed by all. In lieu of flowers, anyone wishing to make a contribution to the charity of their choice is encouraged to do so.

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06/13/18 03:48 PM #1    

Shirley Burleson (Espinosa)

I was shocked about Brian's passing.  For the past couple of years, Brian had been a huge help to me in letting me know about things that needed to be posted or updated on the class website.  We were in contact almost every month.  I will miss him, and his thoughtful assistance.

06/13/18 08:42 PM #2    

Bob Abel

Wow, how sad & shocking (it happened southeast of  Austin)...never thought anything like that would happen to good ol' Brian. Still can't believe it as we had just emailed each other last week over both of our Mother's had passed on...his Mom just the other week (mine about 5 yrs. ago).

He was so helpful & worked hard in the Mac get togethers, etc., & always notifying all of events & news of clasmates. He was always a loving, caring guy. He is in God's love & light dimension now. Such a good person.

06/14/18 11:03 AM #3    

Janey Whyborn (Bibb)

I, too, am very sad to hear of Brian's passing.  I also had just messaged him through FB regarding his mother's passing, as I had lost my mom a year and a half ago.  He actually thanked me for my message the day he was killed.  Life is so very fragile and we certainly need to make the most of every single day we are given!  Rest in peace, Brian.  You will be missed!

06/14/18 12:41 PM #4    

James Screeton

I'm in shock. Knew about it a couple of days ago, but just couldn't accept it. Known Brian most of my life. Hadn't really gotten over the passing of his mother, and now this. I'm still with a loss of words. I think that others have said it much better then I will be able to. I will miss him.

06/14/18 03:30 PM #5    

Debbi Self (Norris)

I write this with a sad heart.  I just heard of Brian Hastings passing and it is hard to believe as  just yesterday morning he responded to a post I made about a picute on FB of his parents.  My prayers will be with this family as they have suffered another tragic loss after just losing their mother the first of this month. While I did not attend the breakfast that the class held each month Brian never gave up inviting all of us to join in.  I rememer his eagerness to help at a previous class reunion I was part of. Brian rest in the arms of the angels next to your mother.

06/15/18 12:14 AM #6    

Donny Hancock

Brian and I had just contacted each other by e-mail as I had sent him a note about his mom's passing as he had contacted me back in December when my mom had passed. Simply put, I will always remember Brian as one of the "good guys".....always good spirited and friendly. When something unexpected and tragic like this happens it always serves as another "wake up call" to me that there is no guarantee that we will have the next secound or next minute, next hour, or next day in our lives given to us by our Lord. Only He knows when he will call us all home. Therefore we should enjoy every single beat of our hearts as long as He allows us to stay on this earth. The world will be a much lesser place without Brian.....that is a given. He will be missed. It was a privilege to have known him.





06/15/18 02:18 PM #7    

Martha Nungesser

Like others, I was stunned to hear of Brian’s sudden death.  I am so sorry.  I knew him recently mostly from his postings through this site and Facebook.  What a terrible loss for his family and for us.  ☹️

06/16/18 03:02 PM #8    

Bob McCormick

Prior comments seem to say better than I can the feeling of loss and what a great guy he is (hate to say was!) and how the realization of how life can change at a blink of an eye. I too communicated w him and enjoyed his humor and wit as we communicated via messenger.. Im going tonight in honor of him since he had sent me an invite(as others) to come and hope to see yall there and lets reflect on how blessed we are to have people in our lives that care.

06/18/18 09:04 PM #9    

Jenice Graham (Benedict)

Dear MAC friends,

Like many of you felt, knowing that Brian Hastings surrendered to a motorcycle accident was dreadful. Some of you already have expressed your remembrances of Brian very well on our MAC website. I'd like to do the same and take the opportunity to preserve some good memories of him, too. 
Brian was one of my very first childhood friends at Oak Grove Elementary when I moved to San Antonio in 3rd grade. His affable and affectionate personality was apparent to everyone early on, and because of his open and caring nature he and I stayed in contact for 55 years. Brian seemed more like a cousin to me than a neighbor friend. When we talked about old times he'd recalled that I ran faster than him, was left-handed but threw right-handed, and so on. Then I'd recall that he chased me on the playground, knew my family and even knew my dog's name, and that both our fathers worked for Southwestern Bell Telephone Co, later named AT&T. Brian enjoyed playing baseball when he was young, but I also can recall that Brian was plagued with eye-muscle problems. He had a juvenile cataract, then had eye surgery to remove it in elementary school; later lost his vision in that eye, followed by another eye operation. Thinking about his vision, those operations must have been quite hard for him to overcome but we never knew it because he didn't complain of poor vision and always put on a smile.
Time flew by. -When we MAC grads celebrated our 20th reunion from high school, the Oak Grove alumni took a photo together. (See the attached photo.) - More time went by, and I remember when Brian proudly told me about his last work day at AT&T, having worked for "35 years, 7 months, and 10 days" to culminate his retirement year on 1/17/2012. That was a happy day for Brian and he sent pictures of his retirement ring to me. (See photo attached.) Over the last ten years he also sent pictures of his 2 beloved grandchildren. I also remember when he proudly bought his Harley motorcycle, and now that memory is sadly ironic.
Just like many of us, Brain's life was not void of hardship. He lost a brother in high school due to a motorcycle accident that affected him in his young years. Later, he experienced the heartbreak death of his only adult son (which he grieved deeply about), and recently he endureded his mother's passing. There also was the brain disease illness of his long-time sweetheart, Gladys, diagnosed around 2011. When she passed away a couple of years ago, Brian vocalized to me, "I miss her. I miss when we traveled and did things together."  But despite all this, Brain always had a smile for everyone else. 
Now, fate has shuffled the circumstances and it is our turn to miss Brian. I find it hard to imagine that Brian Hastings will not be at our MAC functions in the future. I admit that I have taken it for granted that he would always be there with a big smile and hug. It is not to be. 
But, back to what I prefer to remember...I am thankful that Brian and I had a long, good visit on the phone just one short week before his bike accident. We swapped stories. I am grateful to have had a friend that cared about being a loyal friend over the years. I wish I had more pictures of our youth.
It is also uniquely bittersweet to me that my last remark on his Facebook page was possibly the best way to say goodbye, and send him off to heaven. When I saw Brian's colorful shirt and big smile in a selfie-photo taken at a baseball game, I texted, -"You look like you're in your happy place!"  (see photo attached.)
My mind is at peace knowing Brian is truly in his "Happy Place" in heaven with his brother Craig, son Adam, life-partner Gladys, cherished Mother Hastings, and, with our other MAC friends that he admired. I choose to imagine Brian being safe and happy, and held in God's loving arms forever!  
- Jenice Graham Benedict    6-18-18 

06/19/18 09:18 PM #10    

Bob Abel

Thanks Jenice for sharing that! Well stated & insightful. I never knew about Brian's eyesight/operations, & had forgotten about his brother..

He had a good, but also rough life, though seemed to always stay pleasant. I still can't believe it - another good person we won't get to see in this world. Brian was a great guy.

I keep trying to slow my business down with so many incoming calls & demands to have more of a life & enjoy & be able to visit all. Of which, is why I couldn't go to the La Fogata up at 4 AM Sat. to put workers on new jobs early, then was too exhausted from the heat, etc. to go anywhere that evening. Looks like I missed a great time with good people!

Time to make changes to a company, hehe

Thanks again Jenice for sharing that... & howdy everyone!


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